Male Enhancement And Penis Enlargement

male enhancement and penis enlargement

In the beginning there was nothing.

There were no natural penis enlargement sites and there were no bogus penis enlargement pills.

But actually there was something and it was the beginnings of the World Wide Web and the year was 1995.

A company that traditionally developed sports training programs had just completed the first tests of a project they were calling natural penis enlargement. It was soon packaged as a course and was slowly gaining distribution through the mail but the company had other areas of interest and didn’t fully understand the implications of the internet.

Later in 1996 a program appeared on the internet and slowly started gaining ground among the very few users of the web. It was very unique and offered a very stable and well thought out program for penis enlargement.

In 1997 and into 1998 the internet was still in its infancy, compared to today anyway but by that time there were three and only three penis enlargement sites on the internet.

The sports training company had sold their interests in the penis enlargement program to another research and development company. That company launched the product on the internet and started using Natural Penis Enlargement as its Service Mark & Trademark.

Another website was selling their own unique penis enlargement program that was based upon a series of adapted exercises that proved to work very well for penis enlargement.

And the first penis enlargement site continued to promote their own unique solution.

So there it is – 1998 and there were only three penis enlargement sites. Each site offered their own unique product and their own unique solution that gave men the chance to naturally enlarge their penis without hardware, surgery or any type of those ridiculous pills.

You might want to read that again, so that you understand it fully…

There were ONLY three penis enlargement sites that offered a natural way to enlarge your penis and each site offered their own unique solution. The important thing was that men were finding a solution that worked for them and were free to choose between these three very different, but very effective programs.

They weren’t competitors because they each had their own unique and specialized approach to penis enlargement.

Then something happened about two years later that ensured you would be confused and confounded and it caused the internet to be flooded with counterfeit and bogus penis enlargement programs. This was the start of the flood and it was the year 2000.

A serious transgression occurred and it ensured you would never hear the truth again. It ensured you would never get a straight answer again. It ensured that you would never get real penis enlargement again and it ensured that you would get a lot of junk email for the rest of your life.

Someone stole, yes stole a program and copied it – But in order to hide the fact that it was stolen, significant changes were made. Those changes meant that the effectiveness of the original source was gone but it still sounded like penis enlargement and so men started falling for it.

But it got worse, because other opportunists started stealing from the sites that sold the counterfeit programs and naturally they got changed and distorted to the point of where there just wasn’t anything left of the original stolen program anymore.

If you’ve ever played that game where you invent a story and whisper it in someone’s ear and they repeat the same story to someone else and by the time it gets back to you – It’s nowhere near the original story anymore !

That’s precisely what happened and within a year, the internet was crawling and infested by copycat but bogus penis enlargement sites. They were selling online manuals that had been copied and re-copied so many times that the integrity of the original working program was gone completely and all that was left was…

A complete and utter joke.

It might have been funny if so many men weren’t getting burnt in the process and it might have been funny if natural penis enlargement wasn’t getting a bad name in the process, because nobody was getting the real thing.

So now it’s 2002 and because the vultures, the rip-off artists and the con-men have virtually raped the marketplace with their phoney and frequently laughable programs – Along comes the third wave of rip-off artists with their completely bogus penis enlargement pills.

And men are getting burnt all over again.

The tragedy is – A mistake was made several years ago when the original three programs didn’t immediately sue to enforce their rights but of course because the copies really didn’t contain the power or effectiveness or validity of the original copy – There really might not have been any infringement because the copies weren’t of any value to anyone because all the good stuff was gone but something should have been done to protect the interests of men who thought they were purchasing an original or real penis enlargement program.

And instead they just got junk.

So you want to enlarge your penis and you’re wondering what those three original programs are because quite obviously those are the programs you should be using and the only programs that actually have the real thing.

You might also be wondering which program in particular was stolen and you might be wondering how it happened.

Well, I’m not going to tell you that because it doesn’t matter. But you can be assured that by the time the plagiarizing was complete, there was hardly a shred of the original program’s effectiveness, so it doesn’t matter.

But you can be assured that I know precisely when the first violation occurred. I know what site did it and I know precisely how it happened and that is a fact.

Just like everything you’ve just read is an absolute verifiable fact.

But does it really matter?

You’re damned right it matters because if you really want a real penis enlargement program you better get the original.

Because unless you’re looking at one of the three original programs, you’re looking at diluted and questionable copies and you might be dealing with some pretty suspicious characters too. Pure and simple.

So ask yourself – Who were the first three penis enlargement sites on the internet ?

Which three sites are the ONLY sites that offer an original program?

What are the ONLY three sites that can honestly say they developed their respective and respected programs entirely themselves ?

You might be surprised but here’s the dirty little secret that nobody wants you to hear …

This is the dirty little secret that you have to know if you’re going to successfully enlarge your penis and as for which penis enlargement program you choose, it’s up to you because each site offers something entirely different and a completely unique approach.

So here’s that dirty little secret about which sites are the ONLY original and REAL penis enlargement sites on the internet :

  • The best program on the internet is Male Edge
  • The second best program is SizeGenetics
  • And the last program that I recommend is Vimax

And everything else, my friend, is absolutely bogus. A copy. A Johnny come lately and potentially very questionable.

I told you it was a dirty little secret but now you know and making the decision just got a lot easier.

Because I’ve just told you the ONLY sites to think about the next time somebody tries to con you with Hey don’t get ripped off…